5.1.4 Payment of standard fees and dues

The passages below give details of the fees and dues which students need to pay each semester. The amounts may vary slightly from semester to semester.

1. Matriculation fee (€ 50)
This fee must be paid each semester. Programme exchange students such as ERASMUS+ students (► 3.7) are exempt from this fee.

2. Semester due for the Studierendenschaft (€ 9.75)
All Humboldt students are automatically members of the Studierendenschaft and have to pay a compulsory semester fee. In return, students can elect the Student Parliament in January every year and take advantage of the student counselling services offered by StuPa/RefRat.

3. Semester due for the Studierendenwerk (€ 54.09)
All Berlin students are required to pay a semester fee for the Studierendenwerk, a student welfare organisation, which is responsible for student dining facilities (student canteens and cafeterias) at the universities in Berlin as well as for the halls of residence (Wohnheime). In addition, it runs a number of counselling services.

4. Semester ticket (€ 201.80)
The semester ticket is a seasonal student ticket for public transport in Berlin. Every Humboldt student is required to purchase the ticket each semester, which gives freedom of travel for the whole semester, i.e. for six months, on the underground (U-Bahn), on the S-Bahn, on buses, trams and ferry boats throughout Berlin and in Potsdam (fare zones ABC). A bicycle may also be taken along for free. In comparison, a standard monthly ticket costs € 84 and is valid only on public transport within Berlin (fare zones AB). Please contact the semester ticket office with any further questions (► 9.2.1).

The standard fees and dues (as of January 2023) amount to € 315.64 in total (€ 265.64 for programme exchange students) and have to be transferred to the following Humboldt account.

Bank account 


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


DE64 1001 0010 0651 8231 04




Postbank Berlin

The purpose of payment is specified in your Confirmation Letter.
Please refer to your HU account information on AGNES for your re-registration (Rückmeldung). 

Medicine | Charité
Medical students cannot pay the money into the HU account; they should instead transfer the relevant amount to the Charité.

Campus Card
The Campus Card is a credit card sized student identity card with an optional passport photo and multiple functions, such as Mensa-Card, copy- and scan-card, library ID and semester ticket.

We recommend that you have your Campus Card issued with a passport photo so that your semester ticket (in the case of ticket inspection) is viable even without additional photo identification.