6.1.1 The course catalogue | AGNES

The Humboldt course catalogue is published well before lectures begin in the new semester (end of January and end of July, respectively).

AGNES - Lehre und Prüfung Online gives information about all teaching sessions and their staff, office hours, lecture halls and rooms, the times at which courses take place at Humboldt-Universität. Online registration for courses before teaching actually starts is necessary in most cases. On AGNES, you can also download the current annotated course catalogue (Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis). For further questions, please contact:

Here is a brief guideline for the online registration:

  • Login with Humboldt Account. Even with no matriculation number, it will be possible to find information about the courses offered on AGNES. In this case, online registration for a course cannot be conducted. However, an e-mail may be sent to the professor or lecturer requesting course enrollment.
  • Selection of the Semester
  • Finding the lecture, class, etc. in the course catalogue
  • Confirmation of attendance

A substantial part of applications for examinations at Humboldt-Universität is made centrally and online via AGNES - Lehre und Prüfung Online. In the process of matriculation, each student is given a TAN list, which is relevant to all (administrative) aspects involved in his/her studies. In this way, he/she can even see his/her examination results via AGNES.

Note: Please follow your faculty's guidelines when applying for exams. In case you do not receive a TAN list, please apply at your faculty for examinations.