6.1.2 A few practical tips

The semester week hour | Semesterwochenstunde
Semesterwochenstunde or SWS for short is a term often heard in the context of the students' time budget. One SWS is one 45-minute teaching period per week over one semester or, more specifically, during the lecture period (Vorlesungszeit) in a semester. Usually, a course has two teaching units per week (2 SWS).

The academic quarter | Akademisches Viertel
In accordance with German academic custom, the begin of a lecture, class, etc. is announced or understood as ''cum tempore'' or c.t. for short. It means the session actually begins a quarter of an hour later (a so-called akademisches Viertel), which gives students sufficient time to move from one room or location to the next.

The Transcript of Records
A Transcript of Records is a certificate which is normally issued at the end of a semester and will be handed out to all ERASMUS students by the Board of Examiners. It contains a survey of lectures and seminars attended as well as grades/marks and ECTS credit points received during the semester.

The transcripts are documents of particular importance for international students, which they might need later, as they give detailed evidence of all achievements on a course. The transcripts must be submitted to the Board of Examiners when a student registers for an examination at a German university. Also, they must be presented to the German authorities if a student applies for an extension of the regular time of study. In short, the Transcripts of Records are of vital significance when it comes to recognising academic achievements from abroad at the home university.