6.3.1 Proof of academic attainment

Credit certificates | Leistungsnachweise
Leistungsnachweise (often referred to as Scheine) are considered to be evidence of successful attendance of modules, seminars or classes. A Modulschein is a register of all lectures, seminars, classes, etc. a student attended within the module as well as the grades and ECTS credit points received. A Leistungsschein is issued for a single seminar or class a student attended successfully. It shows the title of the seminar and the grade and ECTS credit points the student received. A Teilnahmeschein (certificate of attendance) merely confirms a student's attendance of a lecture course, a seminar or class without taking an examination and without receiving grades or ECTS credits for it.

Forms for Leistungsnachweise are available from the ERASMUS+ Office of the university as well as from the departmental offices. The examination regulations of departments give detailed information on examinations to be taken for the various course modules.

Semester papers | Hausarbeiten
Hausarbeiten are explorations of a topic. It is necessary to discuss and agree upon a topic with the lecturer beforehand. Generally, Hausarbeiten at Bachelor's level would comprise between 10 and 15 A4 pages, at the Master's level they can consist of up to 25 or 30 pages.

Seminar presentations | Referate
Referate are oral presentations in a seminar given by students on a topic agreed upon. The length and scope of the presentation will be specified by the lecturer. Oftentimes, presentation topics are allocated to students in the first few weeks of the sessions.

Oral examination | Mündliche Prüfung
The subjects or fields to be covered in an oral examination will usually be fixed by the examiner and coordinated with examinees well before the actual exam takes place. As a general rule, oral examinations last about 30 to 45 minutes. 

Written examination | Klausur
Written examinations will usually be set at the end of a set of lectures. Depending on the course or subject, duration varies between thirty minutes and several hours.

Final examination of a module | Modulabschlussprüfung
The Modulabschlussprüfung (MAP) is a mandatory examination towards the end of a course module (3.2). The duration and format of the examination are determined by the study and examination regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung, SO/PO).

The content of the exam is based evenly on all parts of the course module. Students are expected to register in good time online through AGNES or through the course lecturer.