Navigation Leave of Absence | Beurlaubung

Students who wish to temporarily discontinue studies may submit a written request (naming the reason) for a leave of absence (Beurlaubung). After six weeks of a semester have elapsed, temporary withdrawal can be granted only in special cases. Academic attainments up to that point will be recognised.

A leave of absence will be granted for up to two semesters for acceptable reasons; only in exceptional circumstances can temporary withdrawal for three consecutive semesters be granted. Examinations can be taken in a period of absence from university, provided the candidate fulfilled the admission requirements for the examination before discontinuing their studies.

Possible reasons for a leave of absence are:

  • Study visits or training periods abroad
  • Performing elected functions on the Humboldt-Universität’s self-governing bodies
  • Completing a mandatory internship
  • Disability and chronic illness
  • The protected periods specified in sections 3 et seq. German Protection of Mothers Act and taking parental leave in accordance with the applicable legal or statutory stipulations, (see information sheet, in German only)
  • Employment of at least 50% of standard working hours
  • Care of dependent close relatives as defined by the German Home Care Leave Act
  • Other reasons of equal value.