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Any student taken off the university register is no longer a member of the Humboldt student community. The procedure is referred to as Exmatrikulation in German.

Students will be taken off the university register:

  • if permission to continue studies on any course is refused
  • if they fail to submit required proof of payment of mandatory fees and dues despite a written warning that registration was not renewed
  • if they fail to submit required proof at the renewal of registration that they have attended an individual examination counselling session
  • if they have passed the final examination, or irrevocably failed a mandatory intermediate examination, unless they supply evidence within a period of two months that staying on the register is necessary to enable them to study for a higher academic qualification
  • as a disciplinary measure in accordance with § 16 of the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG).

Students may be taken off the university register:

  • if they fail to renew registration by the given deadlines
  • if after having been offered a place on a course with restricted entry, they fail to take up studies immediately despite a written warning to be under threat of Exmatrikulation.

Students wishing to discontinue studies at Humboldt-Universität are required to submit a written request to be taken off the university register, which will take effect only after Humboldt-Universität has received the request. However, entitlement to taking examinations will continue.