Navigation Changing the course of study or university

Students wishing to study at another university or on another course of study need to formally apply for this change. The necessary forms can be obtained from the Admissions Office for International Students (5.1). However, before applying for a change of course, students are strongly advised to seek counselling to avoid complications that may arise.

Medical students must apply to Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Admissions Office (Zulassungsbüro) (► 5.1).

Residence permits are issued for university studies in general. The field of study and the higher education institution may be changed without any problems in this regard. International students are entitled to study three semesters longer than the average length of study (durchschnittliche Studiendauer) for a specific course of studies (irrespective of whether on a Bachelor's or Master's course). If a student needs to exceed the regular duration of a course, the application for extending the residence permit must include a study prognosis (Studienprognose). The study prognosis must be issued by the responsible examination office (Prüfungsbüro) of the faculty or department. It gives reliable information on the student's academic situation and the estimated time in which they are expected to complete studies. For information on the necessary forms, please refer to the Visa Service ( 5.1.3).

It should be noted that if the student moves to another city to continue their studies, registration at the Local Registration Office (Bürgeramt) is necessary (► 5.1.1).