6.9 Language courses at Humboldt-Universität

The Language Centre of Humboldt-Universität offers a multitude of opportunities to international students enrolled at the university to improve their knowledge of German or to learn another foreign language.

Language Centre
ZE Sprachenzentrum
Dorotheenstraße 65
10117 Berlin

Courses offered at the Language Centre, deadlines for registering and conditions can be found here. Some courses charge a fee.

Registration can only be made online. An assessment test (C-Test) will have to be taken prior to the beginning of a course to ensure the correct placement of applicants in accordance with their linguistic skills.

Students will receive a certificate with a grade for regular and successful attendance, on the basis of which ECTS or other credit points will be given.

It is possible to register for more than one course. However, the total of eight teaching periods per week over one semester (SWS) must not be exceeded.

More information about the language courses:

German as a foreign language and Slavic languages:
Ms. Neumann, room 341
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-50 20

English and Romance languages:
Ms. Troll, room 338
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-50 15

The Language Centre also operates a multi-media library (Mediothek) with a comprehensive collection of video and audio materials, PC-based language programmes as well as print media.

More specifically, the collection includes:

  • language learning material, language laboratory places, PCs with language learning programmes
  • Internet access
  • feature films in the original language
  • international satellite TV programmes in foreign languages.

Dorotheenstraße 65, room 225
10117 Berlin
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-50 40 (information desk)

Opening hours: 
Mo - Th   10.00 - 19.00
Fr 10.00 - 18.00

The opening hours differ during the semester break.

Note: A number of other German higher education institutions also offer intensive courses during the semester breaks. More specific information on these courses can be found in the DAAD brochure entitled Sommerkurse in Deutschland (available from the International Office) or in the DAAD database for summer courses.