6.9.2 Specialised courses at the Winter and Summer University

The Humboldt Winter and Summer University (HUWISU) offers specialised English-language subject courses during the semester breaks. These courses are organised by the International Department in collaboration with faculties and other institutions.

English-language subject courses/combineable German language courses
The English-language subject courses of HUWISU are offered as modules and can combined with each other and/or with German language courses. The courses of HUWISU are thematically related to the political and cultural life of the city of Berlin. Accompanying the seminars and lectures, field trips and guided tours are offered to deepen and apply the study contents.

Thematic focuses of the courses are, for example:

  • Deutsch erleben - German in the City
  • Cultural memory - Museums in Berlin
  • Islam and Feminism
  • The Berlin Wall - Tales of Division and Unity

The 4-week courses in the summer semester take place in June, July and August. The 3-week courses in the winter semester take place in January.

International Department | Abteilung Internationales
HU Winter and Summer University (HUWISU)
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