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Every currently registered student wishing to continue studies at Humboldt-Universität is required to renew registration after each semester at the Student Registration Office (Immatrikulationsbüro) ( 6.4.5). Exchange students must apply to the International Department (6.4.6). You will receive a re-registration request (Rückmeldeaufforderung) with detailed explanations to your HU e-mail account in good time.

In order to successfully re-register, the correct amount of the required fees and dues must be received by Humboldt-Universität within the prescribed periods. A surcharge of € 19.94 is levied for registrations renewed in the extended registration period (Nachfrist). You will renew your student identity card (Campus Card) yourself at the ticket printing machines of the HU.

Students who have not renewed registration within the prescribed periods will be given a written warning and, if they fail to comply, will be taken off the register (Exmatrikulation) in accordance with the university regulations.

Main deadlines for renewing registration:
01.06. - 15.07. for the winter semester
05.01. - 15.02. for the summer semester