7.1 Berlin Perspectives

Berlin Perspectives (BP) offers interdisciplinary seminars for international students who spend one or two semesters at Humboldt-Universität through an exchange programme (Erasmus+ or other university partnerships). Regular degree-seeking students are also welcome to attend BP courses.

Using the city of Berlin as a local focus point, the seminars invite students from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds to engage with different aspects of German history, society, and culture.

Seminars are taught in English, German, or in bilingual formats (English/German).

The seminars are designed at an undergraduate level. However, they are also open to graduate students, provided that the home university recognises the study points. For each completed seminar, students gain 5 ECTS points. Berlin Perspectives is part of the Humboldt International Campus (► 6.10).

Berlin Perspectives | Humboldt International Campus (HIC)

Dr. Monika Sonntag
Unter den Linden 6
10117 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-...
E-mail: berlin.perspectives@hu-berlin.de
Web: https://hic.hu-berlin.de/en/berlin-perspectives