8.1.2 Finding a student job

Student assistant jobs (studentische Hilfskraftstellen) at the HU, usually for two years or even longer, are advertised on the websites or notice boards of departments at the university. Additionally, students can apply to jobs in the central or faculty administration, listed online as TV-L E3 positions. Humboldt-Universität’s job portal (Stellenticket) lists positions for students as well as for new graduates, scientists and HU alumni.

Students may also find jobs by checking online job sites, reading the job advertisements in daily newspapers (Berliner Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Morgenpost), in city magazines (Tip) or by checking job offers on company websites directly. Additionally, the Studierendenwerk offers job trainings for students and access to a database of student job opportunities.

Application trainings are offered by the Career Center (► 6.10) and FAMOS Interkulturell (► 9.1.3), including individual counselling regarding job applications and résumés.