8.1.3 Tips for scholarship applicants

There are numerous programmes and trusts that provide financial support ideal for students. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please consider the following:

Written applications have many steps. Depending on the requirements of the scholarships, recommendations, references and certificates, as well as a current tabular and/or detailed CV, must be submitted. A completed application form and a cover letter are also usually required. Since the procurement of these documents may take several weeks, you should find out early online which documents are required and be aware of deadlines. It is important to address the aims and principles of the sponsors. While some scholarships have no preference for candidates, others prefer or are limited exclusively to the promotion of students pursuing their Master's or doctoral degrees, or only to international students.

Community volunteer work is often asked about and should be presented in the cover letter and demonstrated through reports or references.

It may be helpful to ask the tutors of respective foundations at HU for advice or written recommendations.

The following table of study-aid programmes and trust foundations represents only a selection of possible scholarships in Berlin and Germany:

Geman Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
STIPENDIENLOTSE (sholarship database of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF, in German only)
Association of German Foundations

In addition, international students may seek personal counselling at the International Office (► 6.4.6). Postgraduate students will be given advice at the Research Service Centre (Servicezentrum Forschung)  (► 3.8).



Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigst
Iserlohner Straße 25
58239 Schwerte
Phone: (+49 2304) 75 51 96
E-Mail: info@evstudienwerk.de

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Abt. Studienförderung
Godesberger Allee 149
53175 Bonn
Phone: (+49 228) 883 – 0
E-Mail: stipendien@fes.de

Karl-Marx-Straße 2
14482 Potsdam
Phone: (+49 331) 70 19 - 0
E-Mail: info@freiheit.org

Hans-Böckler-Straße 39
40476 Düsseldorf
Phone: (+49 211) 77 78 - 0
E-Mail: zentrale@boeckler.de

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Studienwerk
Schumannstr. 8
10117 Berlin
Phone: (+49 30) 28 53 40
E-Mail: studienwerk@boell.de

Katholischer Akademischer Ausländerdienst (KAAD)
Hausdorffstraße 151
53129 Bonn
Phone: (+49 228) 917 58-0
E-Mail: zentrale-berlin@kaad.de

Klingelhöferstr. 23
10785 Berlin
Phone: (+49 30) 26 99 60
E-Mail: zentrale@kas.de

Kennedyallee 105-107
53175 Bonn
Phone: (+49 228) 81 63 - 0
E-Mail: post@obs-ev.de

Franz-Mehring-Platz 1
10243 Berlin
Phone: (+49 30) 44 31 00
E-Mail: studienwerk@rosalux.de

There are also specific support programmes which are funded by the state:


Bafög (Bundesausbildungsförderung nach dem Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) is a federal legislative student support. Students receive half of the money as a loan (free of interest), and the other half as federal aid which they do not need to repay. Those eligible for BaföG are foreign nationals in accordance to § 8 BAföG.

BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz)
BAföG calculator (BAföG-Rechner)

Studierendenwerk Berlin
Behrenstraße 40-41
10117 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 939 39-70
Fax: (+49 30) 9 39 39-88 72 79

Office hours
Tu 10.00 - 12.00
13.30 - 15.30
Th 15.00 - 18.00


On the basis of the law, which supports highly qualified young researchers and artists, the Elsa Neumann-Scholarship of the Federal State of Berlin (Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium des Landes Berlin) awards highly qualified young researchers with doctoral scholarships for up to 3 years.

Promotionsstipendien "Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium"
nach dem Nachwuchsfördergesetz
(NaFöG) des Landes Berlin
Service Centre Research

Ms. Haselow
Ziegelstraße 13c, room 628
10117 Berlin

E-Mail: dorothea.haselow@hu-berlin.de
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-15 68
Fax: (+49 30) 20 93-16 60

Office hours
Tu, Fr 09.00 - 12.00
Wed 13.00 - 15.00