8.2.6 Christian Student Associations

Counselling services and support programmes for international students are also available through religious organisations, for example the STUBE study support programme and the Catholic Student Association (KSG).

In the event of a financial crisis situation (e.g. reduced income from part-time job in examination periods), it is possible to apply once for financial support from the emergency fund through the ESG Berlin. Applications may be made only by students from countries in the DAC list of the OECD. For more information on eligibility, application and counselling, check online.

Protestant Student Association
Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (ESG)
Borsigstraße 5
10115 Berlin
Website: www.esgberlin.de

STUBE study support programme
Esteban Chávez Guevara
Phone: (+49 30) 27 57 23 80
E-mail: kontakt@stube-bb.de

Emergency funding/counselling:
Pastor Dr. Gerdi Nützel
Phone: (+49 30) 28 38-82 27
E-mail: notfonds@esgberlin.de
Website: https://esgberlin.de/notfonds

Catholic Student Association
Katholische Studierendengemeinde (KSG)
Dänenstraße 17/18
10439 Berlin
E-Mail: mail@ksg-berlin.de
Website: www.ksg-berlin.de