9.1.4 Mentoring programmes

Mentoring programmes offer a great opportunity to settle into university life and the academic world with the assistance of experienced students and tutors. 

Mentoring programme for international first-semester students
FAMOS Connect

For international students who wish to complete their entire degree at HU, FAMOS Connect offers a suitable orientation programme. The programme’s objective is to assist students individually during their studies with professional, linguistic and cultural integration. FAMOS Connect offers its participants:

  • a specifically trained personal mentor to assist with everything study-related and with settling into Berlin

  • a ''check-in-week'' to prepare students for the upcoming semester

  • various workshops and cultural events, including cooking sessions, film nights, museum visits, field trips etc.

Information about the programme and registration before the start of the semester can be found online. All offers by FAMOS Connect are free of charge.

E-Mail: famos-connect@hu-berlin.de
Website: hu.berlin/famos-connect

Mentoring programme 'studis4studis'
The mentoring programme studis4studis, provided by the International Club “Orbis Humboldtianus” (► 9.1.2), helps newly arrived students, especially exchange students, to settle into their new environment. Experienced students (studis) support and assist international students (studis). This includes general guidance through the new city, information on finding accommodation, insights into university and Berlin life, tips about student canteens and libraries as well as study-related support with timetables, essays and much more. If you are interested in the programme, you can register online. 

Registration for international students

E-Mail: studis4studis@hu-berlin.de
Website: hu.berlin/studis4studis-en

Some faculties and student committees in the faculties (Fachschaften) (► 9.1.1) offer mentoring programmes for new students as well. It is worth enquiring directly at your faculty or department.