9.1.7 Clubs and community or neighbourhood initiatives

Here is a selection of addresses:

AEGEE Berlin e. V.
- Forum of European Students -
E-Mail: info@aegee-berlin.org
Website: www.aegee-berlin.org

AIESEC Berlin at Humboldt-Universität
Spandauer Straße 1, room 19
10178 Berlin
E-Mail: berlin.hu@aiesec.de
Website: www.aiesec.de/lcs/berlin-hu

Club Dialog e. V.
Friedrichstraße 176-179
10117 Berlin
Phone: (+49 30) 2 04 48 59
E-Mail: info@club-dialog.de
Website: www.club-dialog.de

Counselling services in Russian on social questions; help in finding Russian interpreters, artists; cultural events