9.6 Telephone providers

Generally, there are two different options to make phone calls – either using a landline or a mobile phone. Students often prefer mobile phones, as many providers offer lower student rates on prepaid SIM cards or fixed-term contracts with monthly rates. For international students who stay abroad for a shorter amount of time, it is advisable to use the prepaid option, because you are not bound to a fixed term contract, which makes it easier to control expenses.

Should students wish to use a SIM card from their home country, it is very important to check the phone charges for using the SIM card in Germany beforehand, as it is possible that high user fees may be charged. Usually, it is cheaper to use a German SIM card.

Online, you can find many helpful sites where you can compare landline as well as mobile phone providers. You can find further information at: www.telefontarife.de, www.billiger-telefonieren.de or www.check24.de. There you will also find callback agents who provide prefix numbers for reasonably priced international calls.

If you have internet access, the programme Skype offers a good alternative for international calls: www.skype.com.