Erasmus+ Europe

Information for students going abroad

Students benefit from going abroad in any phase of their course of studies. Going abroad during the bachelor phase is directed at gaining a more general impression of another educational system, it provides opportunity for intercultural learning, and it trains language ability. During the master and Ph.D. phase you can still work on these issues but specific research questions and methods are now at the center of your interest.

Humboldt-Universität has many exchange places worldwide which will support your mobility by providing tuition waivers or simply access to other universities. You should know that applying for access to a university and applying for funding are two separate steps. First you should get some initial idea of the opportunities for studying abroad, doing an internship, doing research or for studying a language by stopping by the Student Service Center´s Wo/Anders Studieren unit or by browsing the following pages.

Please note that most of this information is mainly directed towards German students and will be provided in more detail on our German website.