Additional Information

Rights and Duties: Please read about your rights and duties as an Erasmus student in the Erasmus+ Charter for students

Students with children: Students, who would like to take their children abroad, cannot apply for additional funding at the moment.

Students with disabilities: Students with disabilities can apply for additional funding. The application has to be filled in BEFORE the beginning of the mobility and has to be included in the Grant Agreement. Please contact the Disability Advisory Service of HU as well.

Extension of your study mobility: The extension of your study mobility has to be discussed and agreed on with both the Erasmus+ Partner Countries Team of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and your partner institution. An extension may be granted depending on the remaining mobility contingent of the student and the exchange capacities within the agreement. There is no entitlement to the continuation of the scholarship in the extension period, the extension is always a Zero Grant period. For an extension of the scholarship, a new grant agreement for the extended period has to prepared.


Additional Information: For the years 2021-2027 HU has been accredited again in Brussels for the cooperation in the Erasmus+ programme (ECHE).