Other Scholarships

There a several options to finance your study or intership abroad

While organizing your studies abroad, you not only have to get a place at one of our partner universities but also to think about how to finance your project. Only Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programmes provide you with a place and a scholarship. In all other partnership programmes students are exempt of tuition fees but do not receive other direct financial support. Since visa requirements often restrict the possibility of obtaining a work permit in the respective country outside Europe, your should not rely on this possibility for your financial planning. Instead, you can choose from several options:

Regular scholarships that help to finance studies abroad


Financial support for studies abroad without regional restriction


Scholarships restricted to countries and regions

North America

South America

Current sponsorship options for studies abroad, e.g. the Mexican State Scholarship, can be found via the DAAD country websites of or via the respective countrys embassy website.

Western Europe

In contrast to all other regions there is no comprehensive sponsorship programme for Western Europe by the DAAD, but sponosrships for selected countries or subjects, e.g.:


  • Full-year and short stay scholarships awarded by the French government - additional to DAAD-Full-year-scholarships, mainly for the humanities, social sciences, law and economics;
  • Master degrees at Sciences Po Paris - study exempt from tuition fees at the well-known department of political science, for advanced and graduate students;
  • Research scholarships by the MSH - foreign exchange scholarship awarded by the foundation Maison des Sciences de l'’Homme for German postdocs in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Scholarships at ENA - 16- o. 8-month graduate school programme at Ecole Nationale d´Administration for graduates from all subjects.


Middle and Eastern Europe

regionally oriented foundations

country-specific scholarships

  • Estonian Master- and Ph.D.-Programmes - Study and research visits at Estonian universities from one up to 12 months;
  • Latvian summer schools, study- und research programmes for Bachelor or Master students and postgraduates for up to 10 (11 for Ph.D. students) months;
  • Lithuanian summer schools and study and research programmes for 10 months;
  • Polish scholarships for intensive language courses at polish universities for German students, Ph.D. students and faculty members;
  • Scholarship for the School of Polish Law for German law students and graduates.



In addition to the DAAD-sponsorships there are also other more specific scholarships:

China, Taiwan:

  • Sponsorships by the DAAD Peking office - Full-year-stipends, scholarships for the study of Eastasian languages, combined study and internship semester, partial scholarships and additional scholarships for students of other subjects.
  • China-Scholarship-Programme in the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes - one year stay for BA and MA students of all subjects (except Sinology, Art, Design and Music).
  • Scholarships by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) - Sponsorship by the Chinese government. 
  • Sprache und Praxis in der VR China - 16-month scholarships for MA students and postgraduates in Science, Law, Social Sciences, Political Sciences and Engineering, and Architecture.
  • HSK Winner Scholarship - full year scholarship for students who have performed strongly in the HSK exam.
  • Schwarzman Scholars: fully-funded scholarship program for obtaining a one-year Master’s degree in public policy; international studies; or economics and business at Tsinghua University (Beijing)


South Korea, Japan


Australia, New Zealand

The DAAD awards scholarships for study and research visits in Australia and New Zealand to Geman students, graduates and porstgraduates.

    Other specialized sponsorship options:

  • Australia-Europe-Scholarship by the Australian Ministry of Education;
  • Scholarships by the Ranke-Heinemann Studienstiftung - Scholarships for study trips to Australia und New Zealand for students and postgraduates. This foundation is also involved in several Australian and New Zealand university scholarship programmes.



All programmes are managed by the DAAD.