Application process

How do I apply?

All applications are made online!

Advising takes place in the Students’ Services Center (SSC), Main Building, Lichthof West.

Applications consist of:

  • Current proof of matriculation at HU Berlin
  • CV in German and English (or the language of the appropriate country)
  • Letter of motivation in German and English (or the language of the appropriate country)
  • Letter of recommendation by a faculty member
  • DAAD Language Test or TOEFL, where applicable
  • List of courses attended
  • Copy of 1st degree, if applicable


All documents must be submitted online! Please ensure that all documents have your name on every page. To start an online aplication or to continue an application you have already begun, go to the following link: Online Application

Please make sure you are aware of the application deadlines for the different countries! More information about the deadlines and advising hours can be found under "Advising".

If your written application has been successful we will invite you to an interview in which we'll ask you in more depth about your motivation for studying abroad. The interview will take about 20-30 minutes. Be prepared to answer questions about your potential host institution, current events in your country of destination, and about HU as your home university. Part of the interview will be conducted in the language of your host university.

Application forms for our University partnerships:

Letter of recommendation

DAAD language test

Courses taken


Further information:

The DAAD has issued study guides and short information leaflets for most countries. Those are available at the SSC.

Embassies of the host country are a good resource for information on issues such as visa/study permit regulations. The culture sections have literature and general information about daily life in your host country.