Before leaving

What should I keep in mind?

Getting credit for your time abroad

Please consult your Fakultät or Institut before planning your semester abroad. The Prüfungsamt will be in charge of giving you credit for courses taken at partner universities.

Health insurance

Every student going abroad should ensure that he or she is insured adequately. Some European countries accept German health plans, provided the student can show adequate proof. Please consult your health insurance provider. Many other countries will require additional health plans, especially the US where students may have to purchase a health plan approved by the host university.

Sabbatical semester

Students remain matriculated at HU during their stay abroad. Please make sure you don’t forget to renew your matriculation for the next semester. Students have the opportunity to take a sabbatical semester while they are abroad. Please consult the Immatrikulationsbüro if this makes sense in your situation. Sabbatical semesters do not count as Fachsemester but as Hochschulsemester. Students must apply for sabbatical semesters within the first 6 weeks of the semester. Students who are taking a sabbatical semester may be exempt from their Semesterticket. The application for a sabbatical semester needs to be made through the Immatrikulationsbüro.


Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa before leaving Germany. Please note that it may take several months before your visa is issued. Make sure to get all the relevant information at the embassy or consulate of your host country. Work permits are subject to visa regulations of the host country. They are usually restricted so you should not count on getting a student job to earn money while abroad.