Intercultural Trainings

Successful study in an international context at the HU

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University as a cultural space
2023-09-29 5 - 7 pm Registration

How do consultation hours with teachers work, how do you contact them by email and how do you formulate your questions and topics in emails? When is a course "good", what expectations do you have and how can you actively participate?

And: What does all this have to do with culture? With these questions, we begin to understand the "rules" and expectations of studying at HU. We will discuss many concrete situations from everyday life at university that could happen. There will be an exchange of experiences. After this workshop, you will understand patterns of everyday university life while getting many ideas and tips for effective, successful studying.

ME and Others at HU- a cultural self-introspection
2023-10-06 5 - 7 pm Registration

How do I see myself, how do I see others and how do others see me? Studying in an international context also means confronting stereotypes, prejudices and individual assumptions. It is important to be aware of this. We will talk about your expectations, your perceptions, your habits and what you take for granted when dealing with (culturally) OTHERS. After the workshop you will be individually and culturally more sensitive in dealing with OTHERS and feel more confident in studying in an international context.

Rituals and social practices in university life at the HU
2023-10-13 5 - 7 pm Registration

Are there "typical" patterns of communication and interaction with OTHERS in everyday university life? Do hierarchies and social status play a role? If so, how do I deal with them? Do I feel respected and recognized by other students and teachers? How can I influence these processes myself and how can I use my knowledge for a stay abroad?

As a special example, we will deal with the concept of FACE, a multidimensional orientation and action model for shaping social interaction, which is of outstanding importance for building, maintaining and using interpersonal relationships in numerous cultural areas.

Dealing with culture shock
2023-10-18 10 am - 12 pm Registration

New to Berlin? New to the HU? Arriving and living in a new cultural environment can sometimes feel like a shock. What is culture shock anyway? What strategies are there to deal with it? You will get a short theoretical input and many helpful tips and can exchange ideas with other students.

Networking and making friends in an international university setting
2023-11-09 9:30 am - 1 pm Registration

The importance of efficient networks is becoming more and more important worldwide. With regard to the professional environment, experts even assume that managers will devote 30% of their working time to this topic in the future. The interactive workshop will offer strategic and practical ideas on networking (including social media) taking into account existing cultural differences. In addition to input, there will also be opportunities to share experiences on questions such as:

  • How do I find interesting and helpful networks in Germany?
  • What are useful strategic measures for networking?
  • How can I present myself successfully? (e.g. Elevator Pitch)
Intercultural Conflict Management
2023-11-15 2 - 5 pm in person Registration

Intercultural know-how is a crucial success factor if you want to interact adequately in all the diverse cultures of our planet. We invite you to join in this interactive seminar in which you will learn practical approaches, methods and tools to identify and solve conflicts in international settings. Be ready to work practically to contribute actively and to have fun!




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