Proof of Sufficient Financial Resources

As a part of the Visa Service for international students of the HU, we offer you (as enrolled students of the HU) information on which documents we need from you in order to submit your application to the Higher Education Service (Hochschulservice) of the Immigration Office. This information can help you as well if you go to the Immigration Office yourself.

How can you prove that you have enough means to finance your livelihood?

International students must be able to verify sufficient financial resources for their livelihood. This amount is regularly adjusted according to increases reflected in BaföG.  Due to this, the amount to be verified (starting 1.10.2019) has increased from 720 Euro to 828 Euro monthly. This amounts yearly to 9,936 Euro.

Good to know: International students who have been studying in Berlin for a longer period of time still have a one-year protection of legitimate expectation (until 1.10.2020) for the extension of their residence permit and can verify sufficient financial resources for their livelihood according to the former, lesser amount of 720 Euro.

1. Blocked account (Sperrkonto)

If you had to open a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto) for your visa application, please bring the letter from your bank with you to us. If you did not need a visa to enter the country, you must establish a blocked bank account with the necessary sum in Germany.

Please note: if you plan on staying in Germany for less than 12 months, deposit the sum of the number of months x 828 Euro. For example, a student who is in Germany for six months only needs to deposit (6 x 828 Euro) 4.968 Euro.

For more information about blocked accounts, see

2. Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)

You can submit the same declaration of commitment to us that you submitted to the German embassy or consulate for your visa application in your home country.

If you want to have a declaration of commitment issued to you in Germany, please note the following link:

3. Scholarship

If you receive a scholarship, please turn in the proof of scholarship to us. The proof of scholarship must clearly show both the amount of financial support you receive as well as the length of the support. Your residence permit will only be approved through the end of the period of support.

Those of you receiving support from public German funds (such as DAAD scholarships or ERASMUS scholarships) do not have to pay service fees to the Immigration Office.

Justified extensions of the residence permit after the end of the scholarship period are possible. In that case, however, it is necessary to prove that you have sufficient financial means yourself.

4. Surety (Bürgschaft) from your parents

Your parents can confirm in a written document that they will support you with a sum amounting to at least 828 Euro monthly during the course of your studies in Germany, this document must be notarised. In addition to this letter, you must present a copy of the undersigned’s passport and a certificate of salary for the last three months (or bank account statement for the last three months).

5. Work contract (only for the extension of a residence permit)

If you partially or fully finance yourself through employment, you can use your current employment contract (as well as potential extensions) as proof of sufficient financial resources. An employment contract can only be taken into account if you are already outside the trial period. Please note that, generally, you cannot work as a freelancer nor can you work more than 20 hours per week during your studies. If your monthly income is less than 828 Euro, you must be able to demonstrate (through savings or a surety) that you have access to the remaining amount.

6. Savings in your bank account (only for the extension of a residence permit)

If you are renewing your residence permit, account statements of the last six months must be submitted.



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