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♦ Students

The HU Visa Service advises all international students of the HU on how to apply for and extend their residence permit with the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA) according to
  • § 16b of the Residence Act for the purpose of studies or
  • § 20 (3)  of the Residence Act to look for a job after successfully completing their studies (18 months). 

For capacity reasons and due to the high number of applicants, we will only be able to offer counselling (via e-mail and currently not in Zoom consultation hours). We advise in German and English and support you with questions and problems. Exception: We now only submit applications to the LEA University Service for exchange students (i.e. programme students) (for procedure see below). 

enlightened  Direct submission of the complete applications of the residence permit to the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA). The date of application counts! Please expect long waiting times for processing. There are different options:


Here you can find helpful links and information:

enlightened Advice and consultation hours via zoom at the HU Visa Service:
Unfortunately, for capacity reasons, the consultation hours will not take place until further notice.

Procedure for the online submission to the HU Visa Service ONLY for exchange students:
1. Application for a residence permit according to § 16b AufenthG
1.1 Extension of a residence permit according to § 16b AufenthG

Procedure for the electronic submission of applications to the HU Visa Service for all students completing their studies sucessfully at HU:
1.2 Residence permit to seek employment according to § 20 AufenthG

enlightened Please do not submit applications directly to the LEA and via our HU visa service at the same time!

FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions about the Visa Service and residence permits 

♦ Doctoral candidates and researchers

We also support doctoral candidates and researchers of the HU who would like to apply for or extend their residence permit with the Berlin Immigration Office (LEA) according to
  • § 16b of the Residence Act for the purpose of doctoral studies or
  • § 18d Residence Act for research
  • § 18b (2) Residence Act - Blue Card
  • § 20 Residence Act for job search for specialists (6 months) or
  • § 7 Residence Act - residence permit

♦ General Information

  • Please contact us in good time before the expiry of your visa or residence permit, as longer processing times must be expected due to the current situation. The procedure cannot be accelerated.
  • As soon as the application for a residence permit has been submitted to the LEA (in person or by e-mail), a fiction takes effect. This means that the residence continues to apply with the same conditions and is legal even if the visa or the residence permit has expired (including the ancillary provisions of these documents, in particular with regard to the type and scope of permitted gainful employment). See § 81 (4) of the Residence Act.
  • However, it is not possible to travel abroad after the residence permit has expired. If this is absolutely necessary, a fictional certificate (Fiktionsbescheinigung) must be applied for.
  • A fictional certificate cannot be applied for on the basis of a visa-free entry. Applicants from § 41 countries (visa-free entry) can stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days and return to Germany without any problems. 
  • NEW: The LEA issues the residence permit partly in the form of adhesive labels which are stuck into the passport to shorten the procedure. This is a fully-fledged residence title! 

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