Visa Service for Students

Our Visa Service is available to all international students and doctoral students of HU Berlin. Through the Visa Service, you can both apply for and extend your residence permit to the Berlin Immigration Office (Landesamt für Einwanderung). You receive multilingual support and advice with your questions and problems.

Current situation: Due to the policies to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Visa Service is closed until further notice. Nevertheless, we process your applications online and we continue to answer your questions by e-mail.

enlightened Please be aware that we currently experience a longer processing time due to the increased number of applications at the beginning of the semester. Applications submitted to us now won't have their appointment before the holidays.

The Visa Service offers contactless consultation hours via Zoom every Thursday from 14:00 to 16:00. There you can directly contact one of our student employees with your questions and suggestions. Please use the following link:

Please be well prepared and keep short to give all help-seeking students the chance for a video-call!

Application or extension of your residence permit

1. Application for a residence permit

1.1 Extension of a residence permit

1.2 Residence permit to seek employment

FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions about the Visa Service and residence permits regarding the current situation


Current situation in the Berlin Immigration Office
Limited customer service at the LEA is possible again, but not without booking an appointment in advance.  ► Book appointments online
► Information on the booking procedure

Please note: Temporary documents regarding the right of residence in Germany will be considered as valid by the Berlin Immigration Office (including the secondary provisions of these documents with regard to type and scope of employment in particular) until operations can be fully resumed.

enlightened  Please be aware that travelling abroad and re-entering Germany are only possible with a residence permit that is still valid.

enlightened Students who are allowed to enter Germany visa-free for 90 days, make the exit and entry on their own responsibility.

enlightened For current information from the Berlin Immigration Office, see:


Support programmes and funds for (international) students in the current situation:


Visa Service

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Consultation Hours:
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