At the end of the stay

There is still a lot to do before you leave your host country. Remember that many universities, especially in southern countries, take a summer break and teachers may not be available over the summer. You should therefore make sure you collect the necessary documents in advance.

Documents to be submitted for the 2nd scholarship installment:

  • The second online language test through the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS). You will be sent an email asking you to take the test. This second online language test also does not apply to native speakers. Additionally, for those students who achieved a result of C2 in the first online language test, the second online language test is waived.
  • Annex III - Confirmation for Student Stay Abroad. You must have this signed at the end of your mobility period at the host university.
  • An online report, which you will be asked to submit by e-mail via the Mobility Tool of the European Commission
  • Before leaving your place of study, have your Transcript of Records (ToR) issued at the Erasmus office or request postal delivery. The ToR lists all the courses you attended and confirms exams taken or credits received (ECTS). It is an important proof of eligibility for the scholarship! The ToR is a mandatory academic document, which must be submitted both to the faculty/institute and to Cornelia Marx. Failure to do so may result in financial claims against the students or the 2nd installment not being paid out.

Please submit the collected documents no later than three weeks after the end of your studies at the partner university via email to Mrs. Cornelia Marx.

Incomplete, missing or late submission of documents will result in non-payment of the scholarship or reclaim of scholarship instalments already paid. No payments can be made after 31 October of the current year.


Upon your return to HU, you must have the study credits (ECTS) obtained abroad recognized by your examination office. The burden of proof in case of non-recognition of achievements obtained abroad lies with HU, specifically your examination committee (cf. Lisbon Recognition Convention). The academic recognition depends on the certified learning outcomes to be demonstrated (Transcript of Records), not the (temporal) extent of the events attended during the stay. Please use the Recognition Certificate for this purpose.

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