Be­fore de­par­ture

All information regarding the necessary steps and documents for your Erasmus+ study abroad can be found on the following pages.

Acceptance of Placement

If you have been allocated the study placement you desired or received another offer (HU nomination), the ERASMUS coordinators will create your Grant Agreement, which you must sign. For Switzerland, the Mobility Agreement should be filled out on the computer and signed by you. The Grant or Mobility Agreement serves as your scholarship contract.

Registration at the Partner University

The partner university will either directly or through the ERASMUS coordinators contact you and inform you about the internal university application procedures. Typically, you will need to either register online at the partner university or submit application documents (e.g., Application Form, Grant Agreement, Transcript of Records (AGNES), etc.).

Learning Agreement

Please promptly coordinate Annex I of the Grant Agreement, the Learning Agreement, with the responsible staff member for recognition issues. Consult your ERASMUS coordinators for assistance. In the Learning Agreement, you specify which courses you intend to attend at the partner university and for which you expect recognition at HU. Typically, your study program should encompass 25-30 credit points.

Online Language Support

For linguistic preparation for your stay, you will receive a personalized license for a language test in the language of instruction or work. This test is mandatory and also serves to assess your language skills, so that access to a suitable, free online language course can be made available to you.

More information about the test and the associated course, as well as the license for access to the online platform, will be provided to you in due time before your stay by the International Office.

Sabatical Semester

Remember to apply for a sabatical semester when re-registering for the new semester. Don't forget that even during your one-year study abroad, you must re-register for each new semester at HU. The Grant or Mobility Agreement serves as proof of your study abroad for a sabatical semester application at the SSC.


The ERASMUS program does not provide insurance coverage. Therefore, please check whether you are adequately insured by your German health insurance during your stay abroad (health, liability, accident, and repatriation insurance). We draw your attention to the DAAD Group Insurance offer.


The ERASMUS scholarship is paid out in two instalments. You can find the conditions for each instalment on the following pages.

A nomination without financial support is possible (Zero Grant). The duration of mobility will be credited to the mobility quota.

Ensure you arrange sufficient funding for your study abroad in good time. You can expect significantly higher costs abroad compared to Berlin (€800-€1200 per month), depending on the country and study location. Typically, 50% of the monthly budget is to be allocated for rent costs. Look into the possibility of receiving Auslands-BAföG, (ERASMUS grants are exempt up to €300 per month) or taking out an educational loan (see CHE). Concurrent or double funding for similar costs from other EU programs or the DAAD is not allowed.

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