Ex­ten­sion or short­en­ing of the stay

Should you plan to shorten or extend your stay during your time abroad, please consider the following:

Extending your Erasmus stay

Extending an Erasmus stay requires coordination with Humboldt University (Erasmus coordinators) and your host institution. Approval for an extension depends on your remaining mobility quota and available exchange capacities. Further funding is contingent upon remaining financial resources. There is no entitlement to continue receiving the scholarship during the extension period.

Shortening & Termination

If you wish or need to shorten your stay, for example, due to a lack of courses that can be recognized at your host institution, or because the examination period is shortened, please inform your Erasmus coordination and the International Office in advance. Please note that only the period of study which has actually been completed is eligible for funding. Also, note that even in case of shortening, you are required to bring in recognizable achievements for your degree program.

In case of shortening, you must comply with the minimum duration of 60 days, unless you can prove termination due to force majeure, such as with a medical certificate. Termination due to force majeure must always be applied for and approved individually, and early notification is important.

Further guidance and tips regarding your study abroad experience can also be obtained from your Erasmus coordinators.

Rights and Responsibilities: Please refer to your rights and responsibilities as an ERASMUS student in the Erasmus student charter.

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