Some hands on advice how to find a suitable host/supervisor at HU

Information on the topic application and supervisor.


  • As a first step, you should have some definite ideas about your research project or concept, before looking into the matter of finding a suitable host/supervisor
  • Collect detailed information on the individual faculties, institutes, departments and professors at HU to find out which professor would be the most appropriate host/supervisor in your case. Someone whose field of research covers the same or similar topics to your own would be ideal



  • Once you have found the ideal potential host/supervisor for your project, you can apply directly to him or her in writing enclosing a letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae, list of publications and an outline of your proposed project or statement of purpose.
  • The more precisely you set out your reasons for believing you can accomplish your project optimally with this particular host at HU and how you intend to finance your stay, the greater your chances of succeeding.
  • If you have the opportunity, you can also approach the individual concerned in person, e.g. at a meeting or conference
  • Please feel free to contact us, if you have trouble finding out what you need to know about your area of research because the website might be available in German only
  • We regret that applications sent to the International Scholar Services cannot be processed or forwarded