Staff Week for Central and Eastern European Partners 05.-09.02.18

Staff Week 2018

Communication Strategies of Academic International Cooperation – Experiences and Perspectives

Nowadays, internationalization in higher education ranks high on everybody’s agenda. Therefore, universities around the entire world set up international offices and departments to professionally manage and facilitate international academic cooperation. In the recent past, international academic cooperation itself has expanded considerably and today comprises a plethora of different areas and activities ranging from more traditional tasks like managing student and staff mobility to newer ones like negotiating on and implementing transnational educational programs as well as scientific cooperation to engage in developing international marketing strategies in order to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly globalized higher education sector. In this perspective, international offices more and more take on the role as aggregators, incubators and facilitators for internationalization projects and initiatives.

To be and remain successful in all these endeavors, effective external and internal communication is becoming increasingly important. Acknowledging this, the STAFF WEEK FOR CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN PARTNERS 2018 focusses on internal and external communication strategies of international academic cooperation and serves as a weeklong network meeting to explore and discuss new strategies and best practice examples to assure success in future international academic cooperation.


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