Forms and Templates

Dokument Inhalt
KA107 Grant Agreement Students INC/OUT Grant agreement for incoming and outgoing students
KA107 Application Form Application form for academics, staff and students
KA107 Insurance Declaration Declaration about sufficient insurance coverage during the mobility period
KA107 Request for Insurance Support Request for insurance support during the mobility period provided by HU partner insurance (paid by the participant)
Info-Flyer Compact overview about the programme and the individual cooperation projects
Mobility Agreement Mobility agreement for academics, staff and students
Staff Grant Agreement Grant agreement for incoming and outgoing academics and staff
Arrival and Departure Certificate Confirmation of arrival and departure at the host university
Letter of Confirmation Confirmation of participation in training/provided teaching
Dozentenbericht Annex to the grant agreement - teaching report academic staff
Dienstreiseantrag Application form for a business trip within the Erasmus+ programme (HU staff only)
Erasmus used ISCED Subjectcodes List of Erasmus+ used subject codes
Erasmus Codes - HU - Institute - Fächer - EU Länder List of subject and department codes at HU

Last edit: July 2017