Frequently Asked Questions

1.  My visa/residence permit is going to expire soon. How should I proceed?

In order to protect against infection the Immigration Office has switched to online and written procedures for processing applications. Therefore, please understand that it may take a little while longer to process your enquiry.

If your visa, residence permit or fictional certificate is going to expire within the next six weeks, please register online: https://www.berlin.de/einwanderung/aufenthalt/artikel.910225.en.php

If you have already registered online or would like to pick up an electronic residence permit (eAT) you will receive a letter/email from the Immigration Office as soon as possible with an invitation to an appointment or the request to hand in certain documents.

Please apply in person only in urgent emergencies or if you have an  appointment.

Your case is considered an emergency if you have to travel for urgent personal or professional reasons. Please note that vacation trips are not considered an urgent, personal reason.

If you are not an emergency customer and have not received an appointment please read the Immigration Office‘s FAQ and register online:


Please note that from now on only electronic residence permits (eAT) are being issued (no more stickers). Therefore your fingerprints are needed. The Immigration Office will inform you about this.


2. I am interested in a research visit at the HU. Are research visits currently possible?

It is very difficult to provide an accurate and all-encompassing answer to the question of planned visits, as many countries require a 14-day quarantine for incoming individuals. German federal territory is at the moment closed to travelers beyond the EU borders, and it is not clear when this will change. We, therefore, urge all international scholars who are planning a HU-residency this year, to reconsider the necessity of matter, and consult with their respective host at HU. It is also necessary that you check in with the German consular office of you current area before you make any concrete travel plans:




3. I would like to do a PhD at HU. What is the procedure like, given the Covid19 pandemic?

In order to participate in a PhD program at the HU, candidates need a formal invitation from the university. This invitation is extended to the candidates who do have a HU professor’s agreement to supervise their dissertation. Candidates must identify, contact and win the support of the professor of their choice on their own. We advise candidates to contact professors only when their PhD proposal package is finalized. Identify a professor whose research interests include your chosen PhD subject/topic, and send them your finished proposal. More information on the subjet of international PhD candidates can be found on the following pages:

Homepage for International PhD Candidates:


List of Faculties:


First Steps for Residence at HU:


Admission Office for International Students:


For general questions regarding admission procedures and registration, candidates can also contact the Humboldt Graduate School under promotionsinfo@hu-berlin.de .

Candidates should also contact the office of doctoral studies at their respective faculties.

Planning a PhD at the HU during the times of Covid19 Pandemic

Various factors are in play when it comes to planning a PhD project under the current pandemic. It is necessary that you pay attention to potential travel restrictions, depending on your country of departure, before you finalize your travel plans to Germany. For any individual questions regarding your personal situation and/or restrictions, we encourage you to seek the advice of your PhD supervisor before traveling to Germany.


4. Information on Enrollment procedure:

Registration of those PhD candidates who are planning to do their PhD at HU continues to take place as usual. Any candidate who has been admitted to a PhD program must enroll within 4 weeks of receiving the admission notice. More information on enrollment procedures at HU can be found here: https://www.hu-berlin.de/de/studium/bewerbung/formulare/prom-ausl-engl.pdf/view

Should you be unable to travel to Germany due to the pandemic, you are required to submit via postal service all required documents within 4 weeks of receiving the admission notice.  

For those international students/PhD candidates who are not seeking a degree from HU, enrollment procedures are currently done digitally. Such individuals must submit the following documents for registration:

-Confirmation of supervising professor

-Proof of registration at home university (where the individual is seeking the degree)

-Proof of health insurance through a German health insurance company or the European Health Insurance Card – EHIC

-Proof of payment of semester fees

For all other questions related to enrollment at HU, please contact HU Incoming Team underexchange-students@hu-berlin.de


5. How do I register myself in Berlin?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, citizen centers (Bürgeramt) across Berlin observe strict regulations regarding admission of visitors. As such, making an appointment in advance is mandatory. Everyone else will be denied access to the center, as part of infection protective measures.

We encourage you to visit the website of Berlin-wide citizen centers in the early hour of the morning, and refresh the page several times, as spontaneous appointments become available on the website frequently.

Should you NOT be able to schedule an appointment as such, please contact your local citizen center (Bürgeramt) per email or phone. Opening hours of these centers across Berlin can be found under: https://service.berlin.de/standorte/buergeraemter/


6. Where do I find up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions?

This information is available on the oficial websites of the German federal police as well as the foreign office:

https://www.bundespolizei.de/Web/DE/04Aktuelles/01Meldungen/2020/03/200317_fa q.html

(only in German)