For HU Hosts

Information for hosts

Are you a researcher at the Humboldt-Universität and

  • will be supervising doctoral students from abroad?
  • are seeking to employ academic staff from abroad?
  • wish to invite a visiting scholar to HU?
  • are appointing a professor from abroad to your department or faculty?
The International Scholar Services would also like to support you as a host in the faculties. Many processes have to be initiated within Humboldt-Universität in collaboration between the international researchers, the host facility and the university administration, for example when employing new academic staff. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

In particular, we offer assistance in

... what needs to be observed in the process of hiring foreign staff. This becomes important for example if a residence permit is required to take up employment or if a tax ID, social insurance number or bank account is not yet available.

... how you can support a visa application for international researchers by submitting a suitable letter of invitation and other necessary documentation. We can provide you with the relevant templates for creating letters and offer to ‘check’ existing letters.

... what to do if a visa application process does not go according to plan or even if it is rejected.

... a successful transition between applying for a visa and PhD admission.

Of course, we are available to offer advice and support to international scholars in all non-academic matters – for example in finding a flat, concluding a health insurance policy, applying for a residence permit or opening a bank account. You will find a collection of information on the available support services in our information portal.

Registration of researchers with the International Scholar Services

In order to provide with comprehensive advice, we kindly ask our international scholars to register with ISS. The registration link can be found on the following website:
Registration Form for Hosts

Here you can find the registration form for hosts as PDF download.

Accommodation Offers

In order to help International Scholars find an apartment, we collect private rental offers in an informal database.

Do you have other questions?

If so please contact the International Scholar Services.