(Leisure) activities at the HU

In addition to the day-to-day university activities, Humboldt-Universität offers a wide range of opportunities to visit interesting events, take part in sports courses, or make use of your musical talents. This page offers a sample list of the available services. If you have a specific interest, you should enquire directly with International Scholar Services as to whether there is an active university group for this interest at HU.
International Scholars Events
Each year during the winter semester, the International Scholar Services invite newly arrived international scholars to a Welcome Reception through the university president. Additionally, smaller events, such as tours, info-afternoons and a visit to the Christmas market, take place throughout the year.
Events at HU
The event calendar of Humboldt-Universität is used to announce current presentations, lectures or conferences with cultural topics - a good opportunity to discover university life outside of your own institute.
Sport at HU
The Central Unit - Sport and Recreation (Zentraleinrichtung Hochschulsport, ZEH) organises an extensive semester and holiday-period sports programme for all students and staff on the Adlershof and Mitte campuses. This programme, which covers almost 100 sports, is utilised by around 40,000 members each year.
Music at HU
Whether listening to music or making it yourself - members of Humboldt-Universität have a broad variety of opportunities to choose from. Each semester, the choirs and orchestras receive new members and prepare exciting concerts. You can find a list of the various ensembles here.
Doctoral candidates at HU

The doctoral candidates' network "HU-Docs" was launched at the start of 2004 to improve the working environment of all doctoral students. This is where events such as meet ups, introductory and informational events, and presentations and discussion groups are organised to facilitate discussions in a pleasant atmosphere.

There are also numerous other initiatives by and for students whicht are available to doctoral students as well. The HU website provides an overview.
Do you have other questions?

If so please contact the International Scholar Services.