HU Library and Canteen

All members of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are able to make use of the University Library and the Canteen. You will need a form of identification or more specifically a Library Card and a canteen top-up card.

University Library of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

An integral part of the Humboldt-Universität, the University Library provides academic literature to the University. It is open free of charge to anyone who is a resident in Germany. In addition to the central library, the University Library comprises nine branch libraries and the University Archives.

Users may borrow materials at almost every University Library location. The greater part of the collection is electronically catalogued and thus searchable worldwide. The central library at the Jacob-und -Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum is open every weekday until midnight. Additionally, users with a Humboldt-Universität account have online access to a vast number of electronic sources, bibliographic data and full text periodicals.

How to get a library card

Enrolled PhD-Candidates at the Humboldt-Universität

Your signed enrolment card also serves as your library user card. The Admissions Office will forward your address details to the library at the beginning of the semester. On your student ID you will find a barcode with a registration number. This is your user name that you have to use for online searches and borrowing. However, you should still bring your personal ID card or passport plus residency certificate with you when borrowing your first materials in the event that your details have not been updated yet.

Employees at the HU, Visiting Scholars and non-enrolled Scholarship Holders

If you are an employee at the HU or a visiting scholar, please let the staff at the lending desk know  when registering and provide proof in the form of relevant documentation. In order to get a library card you need the following documents:

  • personal ID card or passport
  • Humboldt-University employment contract (for employees)
  • Gastwissenschaftlerausweis (visiting scholar ID card) or confirmation letter from your department (for visiting scholars)
  • residency certificate  ("Meldebescheinigung" from the registration office/”Bürgeramt”)
More information about the University Library's services and about how to use the library are available on the website of the Library.

Use of the Canteen

The canteen can be used by all member and guests of the HU. In order to carry out payments in the canteen, you need a "MensaCard". You can obtain a MensaCard at the checkouts of refectories for a deposit of €1.55. You get back the deposit when you return the card. You must present your student identity card or mention that you are employed at Humboldt-Universität when obtaining the card at the checkouts to get the cheaper student or academic staff price.

For further information please consult the websites of studierendenWERK BERLIN.


Do you have other questions?

If so please contact the International Scholar Services.