Local Registration Office

German law requires you to register with the authorities. This means that international researchers at HU must visit a Bürgeramt (citizens' registration office) to register themselves within 14 days of moving in to accommodation. Berlin's Bürgerämter offer all major services for citizens under one roof.
Registration in four steps
1. Book an appointment

Your best course of action is to book an appointment to register with one of Berlin's 40 Bürgerämter at an early stage, ideally before arriving in Berlin. You can arrange an appointment via the online calendar or by phone.

The central service hotline for registration is: +49 (0) 30 115

To book an appointment online you go to the Bürgeramt website and select the service  "Anmeldung einer Wohnung" (registration of a flat). In the middle of the page you will see the following paragraph:

Click on "Termin berlinweit suchen and buchen" (search for and book appointments across Berlin). This will take you to a calendar. The days shown underlined in light blue still have appointments available. Click on the relevant day to see which Bürgerämter still have appointments free.
2. Fill out the form
We would be happy to help you complete the enrolment form. We recommend filling out the registration form at your leisure at home before attending an International Scholar Services appointment. A PDF version of the form "Anmeldung bei der Meldebehörde" (registration with the registration office) form is available on the Bürgeramt website. During the joint appointment, we will look through the form together and help you with any questions.
3. Appointment and documentation at the Bürgeramt
On the day of your appointment, it is essential that you bring all the documentation you need for your registration to the Bürgeramt:
  • Proof of identity for every person registering (e.g. ID card, passport)
  • The completed and signed registration form
  • Confirmation of relocation: from 01.11.2015 your landlord is obliged to sign a written confirmation of your residence within two weeks of relocation. The confirmation needs to contain the following details: name and address of your landlord or the main tenant, date of moving in, address of the apartment and name of all residents obliged to be registered. The presenting of a rental agreement does not replace the confirmation of relocation.
4. Receiving and saving confirmation of registration
You will receive confirmation of registration from the Bürgeramt immediately after registering. Keep this in a safe place, as you may need it at a later date: for example, to apply for a residence permit, conclude an employment contract or open a bank account.
When is registration with a Berlin Bürgeramt not required?
You are only exempt from the requirement to register on shorter visits of up to two months in Berlin, or if you are already registered at other accommodations in Germany and will be spending no longer than six months in Berlin.
Before you leave
If you wish to leave Germany again, you must also deregister with the Bürgeramt.


Tips and advice
  • It is always better to accept an earlier appointment at a Bürgeramt even if it is not in your district. Berlin's Bürgerämter are overstretched, you may have to wait for an appointment for several weeks.

  • Sometimes when appointments get cancelled the available time slot will be published again on the Bürgeramt's website. Therefore it is worth checking it regularly to get a 'last-minute' appointment.

  • In urgent cases you can also go to a Bürgeramt in person and arrange an appointment there.