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Important questions and answers for volunteers and supporters

How can refugee Ukrainians with an academic background use office space and IT infrastructure at HU?

If it is only a question of access and use of HU infrastructure, a guest researcher contract can be concluded without money (for sample contracts, see HU Intranet). With a visiting scholar contract, HU membership is obtained and access to IT systems or the university library is given. Please consult with your institute and faculty administration regarding the organisation of the workplace, key card and other practical matters.

Can Ukrainian academics receive financial support from (non-)project funds?

Please note that most short-term support can only be realised as scholarships – if the selection is made by the funders, no guideline is necessary for the preparation of a scholarship decision. If in doubt, please ask the Research Service Centre on how to set up a scholarship correctly.

Should you wish to use budgetary funds for scholarships, the awarding is possible according to the scholarship statutes of the HU Berlin. For this purpose, it is necessary to regulate the allocation via a policy of your institution. Please contact the Research Service Centre to find out whether a policy already exists for your area.

If you are planning to integrate researchers who already hold a doctorate into your research group, a visiting researcher contract with an allowance could possibly be an option. Please feel free to contact the Research Service Centre to discuss whether this option exists.

I would like to host Ukrainian refugee students or researchers. Where can I sign up?

You can register accommodation at; this portal has very quickly established itself as a central accommodation exchange. If you have living space that you would like to make exclusively available to refugees working at HU, you can register this at

What research funding opportunities are available for refugee researchers?

You can find a list on the page Information for Refugee and Persecuted Researchers.

I would like to sponsor a refugee scholar academically and/or suggest them for a funding programme. Who can connect me?

Prospective mentors at HU can contact the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, which also offers a directory of individuals and institutions on this page want to enable researchers threatened by the war in Ukraine to work at their institute. Some can help with their own funds; others can offer a joint application under the Philipp Schwartz Initiative or other funding programmes. The list is updated regularly and if you would like to help you are invited to add yourself to the list. For advice please contact Neda Soltani.

I have ideas on how Humboldt-Universität Berlin can support students and academics from Ukraine. Who can I contact?

You can share your ideas with us at We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where can I find help if I am suffering under enormous strain?

The university’s health management team (Hochschulisches Gesundheitsmanagement) and Psychological Counselling are committed to the health of Humboldt-Universität's employees and students with a wide range of services.

Additionally the Studierendenwerk offers the psychological counselling


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