Online Application

Necessary steps for the online application for programme (exchange) students at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  1. You have to register via the external application website or if you study medicine via CHARITE CHIC.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link which you need to log in in our application system.
  3. Submit your data in the application system (password change, name, address, home university etc.).
  4. Choose the subjects of study you want to study at HU. You can only choose those subjects for which the HU has a contract with your home university.
  5. Enter the result of the German language test (C-Test) or send an equivalent proof via e-mail to the Incoming Team and to your HU ERASMUS coordinator as well. Please note that there might be different guideline for other exchange programmes than ERASMUS.
  6. Please check all your data before submitting your online application.
  7. Only for ERASMUS applicants
    • After the ERASMUS faculty coordinators or programme coordinators checked your application you will recieve your nomination form via E-Mail. In the nomination form you find the subjects of study that HU agreed upon.
    • Please print the nomination form, sign it and let the coordinator of your home university sign and stamp it.
    • Please send the signed nomination form back via E-Mail to the address mentioned at the nomination form
  8. For all international students: The confirmation will be send to you to the following dates:
    • for winter semester: until the end of July
    • for summer semester: until the end of January

   If you have to apply for visa an earlier handling of your application is possible


Services offered within the online application