6.9 Language courses at Humboldt-Universität

The Language Centre of Humboldt-Universität offers language courses at different levels in a multitude of languages to international students enrolled at HU. There are no preparatory German courses for degree-seeking applicants. Especially the comprehensive range of German language courses should support you in your studies, furthering your German language knowledge and fostering a better study capability.

Language Centre | ZE Sprachenzentrum
Dorotheenstraße 65
10117 Berlin


The Language Centre offers courses during the semester and intensive courses during the semester break. The course offer as well as registration deadlines and conditions are available online. Some courses carry a mandatory fee.

Registration takes place online. There is usually an assessment test before the beginning of the course. After regular and successful participation, graded credit certificates (Leistungsscheine) will be allocated. Credit certificates are required by the examination offices for the allocation of ECTS or credit points (Leistungspunkte). Registration for multiple courses is possible, however a course load of eight credit hours (SWS) per week is not advisable.

Information on the languages offered:

German as a foreign language, German sign language, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Arabic, Chinese
Ms Neumann, room 3.41
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-12 320

English, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, Turkish
Ms Troll, room 3.38
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-12 310

The Language Centre has an audio-visual library (Mediothek), which offers you an extensive range of print, video and audio material as well as language learning software to further your language knowledge.

The collection includes

  • language learning and language teaching material for different language levels, material for preparing for language tests;
  • newspapers and journals;
  • audio material (such as audio books and audio plays);
  • video material (such as feature films and documentary films in the original language);
  • computer workstations with language learning software;
  • international TV satellite programmes and
  • individual workstations and group study areas.

The audio-visual library is a non-lending library, all material can only be used on site.

Language Centre | Audio-Visual Library
ZE Spachenzentrum | Mediothek
Dorotheenstraße 65
10117 Berlin
Access via the library on the 1st floor

Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-50 40 (information desk)

Opening hours:
Mo - Fr 12:00 - 18:00

The opening hours differ during the lecture-free period.

A wide variety of intensive language courses and university language courses with different thematic focuses are offered in the Language Centre during the semester breaks.

Intensive course of German as a foreign language
The Study Preparatory German Intensive Course (DaF) has been especially designed for ERASMUS+ students and exchange students who are studying at Humboldt on the basis of inter-university agreements. It takes place before the semester begins (March, September).

Intensive courses of German
The courses offered throught the HU German Language Academy of the Language Centre consist of German language courses in the morning and specialised subject courses (Fachunterricht) in the afternoon. In addition to a focus on the city of Berlin, the specialised subject courses offer diverse coursework on German history, literature and film history. The courses take place in winter (January, February) and in summer (June, July, August).

Language Centre | HU German Language Academy
Ms Ramin-Getter
Dorotheenstr. 65, room 2.40
10117 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-12 328