Checklist before Arrival

It is particularly important that you prepare the following issues before you arrive. We have put together an overview of the key points to consider. We would also be happy to offer further help in person.
  Visa/entry requirements

When you are a Non-EU citizen you will generally need a visa to enter Germany. Since the visa application can be time consuming, we suggest you to look into the matter as early as possible. More information

  Health insurance

In Germany you are required to have valid health insurance. You must have it from the day you arrive. Please check in time which insurance cover will be necessary for you. More information

  Finding accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation in Berlin can be a difficult process and requires patience. Ideally, you should start looking at the various services that can help you find accommodation ahead of time. More information

  Local Registration Office

German law requires you to register with the authorities. This means that international researchers at HU must visit a Bürgeramt (local registration office) after moving in to accommodation. Your best course of action is to book an appointment at an early stage (ideally before arriving in Berlin) as you may have to wait for an appointment for several weeks. More information

  Driving licence

If you want to drive a car in Germany, you will need a driving licence that is valid in Germany. The driving licence from your home country will be valid for six month. Afterwards you will need to convert it into a German licence. More information

  Important documents
You may need to present the following documents while in Germany. We recommend you bring with you certified copies or originals of the documents (including certified translation if applicable):
  • Passport/ID (valid for the entire duration of your stay in Germany)
  • Visa
  • Credit/debit card
  • Marriage certificate – required for spouse’s residence permit
  • Proof of university entrance qualification and university degree (originals) – required to enrol as a doctoral candidate or conclude an employment contract
  • Proof of funding for your stay (e.g. salary slip, scholarship certificate) – required to issue a visa or residence permit
  • Letter of invitation from the host department or inviting professor
  • Proof of admission as a doctoral candidate
  • Health insurance certificate – including a list of the monthly contributions you pay for your health insurance
Do you have other questions?

If so please contact the International Scholar Services.

Checklist as PDF

Here you can find all important points as PDF download.