Doctoral Students

At Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin there are two different ways to obtain a PhD: Individual doctorates or structured PhD programs.

Individual Doctorate

Individual doctorates are the traditional and most common type of a PhD program in Germany. This way of doing a PhD provides a high degree of flexibility to shape the scientific topic and also the time frame. To pursue an individual doctorate at Humboldt-Universität, you need the individual support of a professor to act as your PhD supervisor (“doctor father” or “doctor mother”).

It will be your initiative and responsibility to look for a suitable supervisor directly. You can send your full application regarding your research interest to a matching professor. It is important that you select a supervisor with a similar research field/topic to your intended PhD study.  If the professor is interested he/she will answer your e-mail in due course.

Structured PhD programs

Structured PhD programs have a fixed duration, usually three years. The PhD candidates are supervised individually, and conduct research within a group of colleagues of their scientific field. Also there is a complementary curriculum aside the PhD program. Applications have to be submitted directly to the program.

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